Stone Bridge Ranch - Stole money

Leesburg, Virginia 0 comments

i lived in Stone Bridge Ranch complex in Chandler AZ and i did my walk through with Maritza and a blonde lady that was learning the job, not once was bleach on the carpet mentioned until i handed in the keys and they stated that i poured bleach on the carpet when i didnt, i called the corporate office left a message for Tracy Shoemocker and i was told to wait for the manager of Stone bridge Ranch to contact me on October 17, 2011, i still have not yet received that call, this complex does not fix things that are wrong, they REFUSE to address issues when you have problems with neighbors. the property round my apartment smelt of dog pee and *** and when i complained they put the dog in the paper as the dog of the month. this complex does nothing to fix or make the renter comfortable.

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